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City of Graham, Texas

Who Wins When We Shop Local?

October 6, 2020

We have all heard it before…. shopping locally is vitally important for a city’s economy. Do we really understand why? And who does that economy benefit? And how? I would like to break some of this down…

First, shopping locally directly impacts our local businesses. Of course, you are aware of this and I am not insulting your intelligence by stating the obvious. However, we may often forget that these stores, shops and restaurants in Graham depend on our community to utilize the services they offer, shop the retail they provide or eat the food they cook.  Shopping locally supports the family owned businesses that make up this beautiful town.  

“Shopping locally supports the family owned businesses that make up this beautiful town.”

Second, Graham residents benefit when you shop locally! Opening up a store or starting a business is something that only the bravest individual can accomplish. This does not come without great sacrifice and risk. When someone opens a business in our town it is an investment in our community. An investment that we all benefit from. Our town needs businesses to thrive, businesses provide jobs, they provide stability, they provide recreation and they serve our community. We should all remember and appreciate the business owners here and remember to spend your money here in Graham.

Third, our City benefits when you shop locally. Sales tax can have huge impact on a City budget, and remember, it is the City who provides our most necessary services like water, sewer, trash, etc. as well as the City parks, pool, library and more. Finally, YOU benefit when you shop locally! So, if for none of the above reasons, then do it for the selfish reason and spend your money in Graham so that you benefit from all of the quality products, excellent service and competitive prices the businesses in Graham provide. The stores in Graham really take pride in making shopping convenient and providing high quality items. Check out the resources below for information related to local, Chamber member, businesses!

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2020 Shopping Guide
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