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City of Graham, Texas

Graham, Texas: Being Rooted in Human Connection Builds Community

October 6, 2020

In Graham, people organically connect with each other and that human connection builds community.

People often say, “Graham is different, or “Graham is special.” However, Graham is not special because of “what” we have; Graham is special because of “who” we have in this small Texas town. 

The benevolence of Graham citizens is scattered around town in the form of City of Graham parks, the Young County Arena, the Memorial Auditorium, the Old Post Office Museum and Art Center, Graham Regional Theatre and more. While often taken for granted, these attractions create the uniquely special atmosphere in Graham and play a key role in our quality of life and contribute to the human connection that builds community.

In addition, Graham residents take pride in philanthropic efforts and support each other through gifts of time and resources.

Graham has an impressive list of non-profit organizations, each serving a need in our community and making a difference. One of those non-profit organizations is the Chamber of Commerce, an organization that exists to cultivate and promote local commerce. Over the past several years, the partnership between the Graham Chamber of Commerce and the Convention and Visitors Bureau has proven to be successful and led to combined efforts in promoting tourism and strengthening local commerce.  Like most non-profits in Graham, the success and impact these organizations make is greatly due to the support, contribution and volunteerism of the community of Graham.

Graham is strong because connection builds community!

Overall, we know life is short and time is valuable.  Above all else, people in Graham value what is most important in life and prioritize accordingly. By spending time on the beautiful lakes that surround us, camping with family or friends, fishing or hiking, attending a movie at the National Theater, shopping and eating the locally owned retail stores and restaurants, we take a moment and connect with each other and with our community. This is what makes Graham so special, we are rooted in human connection and connection builds community.


Krisa De La Cruz
Graham Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau