Intern Program Info and Application

How to Best Equip your Intern to Succeed

  1. Clarity is key! We suggest writing a formal job description for the internship position which would include a title for the position, job responsibilities and outlining expectations. When your intern shows up on the first day of work, have them sign the description acknowledging that they are aware of the organization’s expectation. The job description will serve as a tool to pair you with the best matched intern as well. You can even include expectations pertaining to:
    1. Timeliness
    2. Dress code
    3. Professional conduct
    4. Confidentiality
    5. Reporting structure
  2. Look at this as an opportunity to grow and develop the future workforce. Show patience, guidance, and encourage your intern to help with high level tasks. Interns can serve as great assistants and in administrative positions, but also have equipped organizations with enhanced social media presence, increased customer service capabilities, website and online updates, graphic design, document writing and development, program management and more. It is important to make time to discuss with your intern what they are hoping to accomplish and learn and find the right “fit” for the intern to succeed in your organization.
  3. Regularly communicate with your intern. Interns are meant to be an asset to your organization, so it is important that you establish good and clear lines of communication and make sure your intern is completing work (well and on time), gaining knowledge, and overall there is mutual benefit. Performance evaluations are required through GISD on a quarterly basis, but it is encouraged to not limit your feedback to just those evaluations.
  4. Do not give up on an intern! If you are struggling to find the right fit regarding job functionality or personality, make a quick phone call or send an email to the appropriate contact with GISD. Sometimes, there is another intern available who may be a better fit for your organization.