Hot Chocolicious 2021- Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Agreement- 2021

All volunteers assisting the Chamber of Commerce must complete the volunteer agreement.

This Volunteer Agreement is a description of the arrangement between us, Graham Chamber of Commerce, and you, volunteer, in relation to your voluntary work. The intention of this agreement is to assure you that we appreciate your volunteering with us and to indicate our commitment to do the best we can to make your volunteer experience with us a positive and rewarding one.
We, Graham Chamber of Commerce, accept the voluntary service of Chamber of Commerce Hot Chocolicious facilitators, team coaches, and other volunteers, when they have been officially accepted and have signed this agreement. The role of a Graham Chamber of Commerce Hot Chocolicious volunteer is completely voluntary and designed to support the overall goals and mission of the Chamber of Commerce and its members by serving as aiding in the instruction of the Hot Chocolicious curriculum.
• Volunteers are approached or nominated based on their skillset, business standing with the Chamber of Commerce, and willingness/ability to help educate future entrepreneurs. • Volunteers receive the volunteer agreement, child protection policy, must complete the GISD volunteer paperwork, and much deserved gratitude.
• The Chamber of Commerce will communicate with you effectively to the best of our ability and support you as a volunteer. • The Chamber of Commerce will provide written curriculum for the purpose of this training program.
• Expenses are not reimbursed for travel or other unless specifically agreed to in writing by the Graham Chamber of Commerce CEO prior to date incurred. • Volunteers receive no form of compensation for time spent assisting the Chamber with the Hot Chocolicious program.
• The Chamber of Commerce maintains adequate insurance coverage as approved by the Chamber Board of Directors. Chamber of Commerce volunteers are treated as Chamber volunteers while undertaking voluntary work approved and authorized by the Chamber of Commerce.
• All volunteers are treated fairly and equally. Any complaint regarding unfair treatment should be reported directly to the CEO or Chamber of Commerce Board President.
• Problems are solved in accordance with the Chamber of Commerce handbook, by-laws, approved policy, and direction of the Board of Directors.
• Volunteers agree to indemnify, protect and hold harmless the Chamber of Commerce, Graham Independent School District, and its agents, employees, partners, officers and directors against any and all demands, claims, damages, suits, causes of action, judgments, penalties, attorneys’ and consultants’ fees, expenses and/or liabilities arising out of, directly or indirectly, the volunteers performance of volunteer services hereunder, however caused and regardless of any actions or omissions of the Graham Chamber of Commerce.
I agree and consent to the following:(Required)
This agreement is binding in honor only, is not intended to be legally binding contract between us and may be canceled at any time at the discretion of either party. Neither of us intends any employment relationship to be created either now or at any time in the future.
Volunteer Signature
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Child Protection Policy- 2021

Volunteers who assist the Chamber of Commerce with programs involving children under the age of 18 must complete the following: Child Protection Policy Volunteer Agreement GISD Paperwork

Please indicate which program you intend to volunteer to assist
The Graham Chamber of Commerce seeks to provide a safe and secure environment for the children who participate in our programs and activities. By implementing the below practices, our goal is to protect any participating children from incidents of misconduct or inappropriate behavior while also protecting our staff and volunteers from false accusations.
Persons who desire to work with children participating in Chamber of Commerce programs and activities may be screened. This screening will be at the discretion of and conducted through the Graham Independent School District and will include:
It is our policy that a minimum of two unrelated adult workers will be in attendance at all times when children are being supervised during our programs and activities. In addition, doors should remain open and unlocked at all times.
We recognize that there may be times when it is desirable to utilize student assistants, (worker or volunteer) who are themselves under age 18, to assist in planning and execution of programs or activities. The following guidelines apply to teenage workers/volunteers:
It is the policy of the Graham Chamber of Commerce not to administer any form of discipline or punishment. If behavior becomes a problem, the Chamber of Commerce Manager or CEO should be contacted and should notify parents to pick up their child immediately.
In the event that a child or youth is injured, the following steps should be followed:
MM slash DD slash YYYY

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