Growing our Next Generation

The Graham Chamber of Commerce and Graham Independent School District (GISD) are working together to invest in our youth and benefit our local economy!

GISD provides students (Juniors and Seniors) with an educational opportunity enriched with valuable, hands-on and career focused lessons by offering an internship program. This program also provides local businesses with complimentary assistance in their workplace in exchange for their participation in helping to grow and educate our future workforce.

The class is designed to be two consecutive class periods for a full year. Students must be 16, have a driver’s license, and their own transportation. There is no GPA requirement, however, GISD does screen for absences and discipline. Training sponsors should email GISD if the student is not showing up for their internship. Communication with the GHS teacher in charge of the program is key.

Training Stations need to be within a 15-mile radius of the high school. Students must stay on site and must always be supervised. Child Labor Laws apply. Ideally, the student should be interning at a training station that has something to do with their career interest. In addition, students are not supposed to intern with a relative. The business must be open Monday-Friday and during the assigned class times.

The intern program has proven to be a great experience for not only the student but also the business owner and staff. Through this program we are able to prepare these students for life in the workforce and equip them with real world knowledge to help them succeed past high school. It in turn helps the local business owners know that we do have strong, intelligent, focused individuals joining our workforce in the very near future.

Please click below to see suggestions for how to best equip your intern to succeed and to fill out an online application. The online application will confirm interest in your organization serving as a participant in the internship program!

Thank you for your decision to be a part of this very important program. We are very excited to work side by side with you!